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Choosing a Gem Cut You'll Love: Things to Consider

Choosing a Gem Cut You'll Love: Things to Consider

When selecting a gem cut, there's a few things you should keep in mind. Get some advice from the experts to make sure you're happy with your selection.

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How much do you know about gemstones? 

You might know the colors, the varying degrees of sparkle. Maybe you know what a karat is, or which birthstone is yours. 

Do you know the difference between the different gem cuts? 

The cut of a gem can make all of the difference in your new jewelry. Different cuts suit different styles and some of them suit different pieces or gems in general. Not everything looks great with the same cut!

If you're not as familiar as you'd like to be with the different styles of gem cuts, you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular cuts and when each one would be most appropriate.

Marquise Cut

A marquise-cut gem is one of the most popular kinds of cuts. Due to its shape, it looks larger than it is. Its vertical elongated shape makes fingers look long and delicate, and it's almost never put in a setting horizontally (though it certainly can be for a very different look). 

It's a brilliant-cut gem and it's made to reflect a lot of light. The cut was named for Madame de Pompadour, a love interest of King Louis XIV of France.

These gems are good for primary gems on rings. The shape is most ideal for being solitary or front and center with small side gems. This is a great choice for a solitaire piece on an engagement ring

Rose Cut

Rose-cut gems are one of the more popular options for modern jewelry, though they're generally used with small and colorful stones rather than diamonds. 

The bottom of the gem is flattened while the top is given many facet "petals". This cut shimmers in the light and is a great choice for the person who likes to sparkle, especially for a duller gem. 

They have a vintage look, hence their current popularity. These are good for gem clusters and are well-suited for earrings. 


Baguettes are rectangular little gems that can work either as a sleek center gem for a modern look, or as a row of gems. 

They aren't very faceted, with only a few slanted cuts on the sides, but it gives them a smooth and elegant look that pairs well with any colored gem. 

While this might not be the best choice for an engagement ring, it is good for rings in general. Consider bold and colorful stones like rubies or sapphires


A cabochon is a bit different than the other cuts, but it still deserves a mention.

A cabochon isn't a faceted cut. It's a round and smooth shape often given to cheaper stones, or stones that don't need a faceted top in order to glow. 

Cabochons are incredibly popular for jewelry in piercings, but they also do well on rings depending on the stone. A turquoise cabochon shows off the full color of the stone without any need for further cutting. Opals also do well with cabochons considering that they're incredibly soft.

Pear Cut

Pear cuts are teardrop-shaped. They are almost round in the domed area of the gem, and they're great for showing off bright colors. They're not necessarily the best choice for a diamond unless it's specifically requested.

Because of the strange half-rounded shape, they require a decent amount of support in their setting. A pronged setting that holds each side in place is the best choice for this, making it a good solitaire gem. 

Emerald Cut

Emerald-cut gems are another popular choice for modern rings. 

They're similar to the baguette in shape, but they include more cuts around the dome of the gem. This means that they have more sparkle and shine, making them ideal for an engagement diamond. 

Similar to the marquise, these gems can elongate the fingers due to their long rectangular shape. 

Many celebrities opt for the emerald style for their engagement rings


Cushion-cut gems aren't as popular anymore, but they may be making a comeback with the wave of vintage trends. 

This gem is shaped like a cushion, with an overall square appearance and soft, rounded corners. 

The cut is made with efficiency and wastelessness in mind, using the diamond or gemstone to its fullest potential while maximizing shine. 

Heart Cut 

Heart cuts are charming, and their appeal lies almost solely in the whimsical shape. They're a cut-down pear cut with extra facets, allowing the ring to have extra sparkle.

This ring is a bit too "cute" and trendy for the average engagement ring, but they make great promise rings. They're also a good choice for earrings with their subtly sweet appearance. 

Princess Cut 

Princess cuts are simple and popular. They make a great solitaire diamond for an engagement ring.

They're essentially brilliant square-cut gems. They, like the cushion-cut gems, retain a lot of the original shape and bulk of the gem even after cutting. 

Gem cutters use nearly all of the diamond, wasting very little for the facets. Princess cuts look dainty and delicate and they do well in a claw setting. 

What Gem Cuts Are Your Favorite?

When you're buying jewelry for yourself or your loved ones, are you drawn to certain gem cuts? Do you find yourself buying the same style over and over?

Different cuts appeal to different people and they each serve their own purpose. Some allow the fire and shine to come through beautiful clear stones. Others are better for showing off brilliant colors and contributing to secondary stones. 

There are many cuts to choose from. These are only some of the most popular. Whether you're buying an engagement ring or a gift for yourself, the cut can make a big difference in the overall look. 

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