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Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend: What Should I Look For In A Diamond Necklace?

What Should I Look For In A Diamond Necklace?

Are you interested in buying a diamond necklace? Here's everything you need to know to get the diamond necklace of your dreams.

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Since diamonds were first discovered in India, sometime between 2500 and 1000 BC, the sparking gem has captivated just about everyone who has laid an eye on it. 

There's just something about diamond jewelry that exudes beauty. And, it makes the person wearing it feel special. 

The diamond necklace, in particular, is a classic piece of jewelry that has a place in every woman's jewelry box, regardless of her personal style. 

However, with so many different styles available, how do you choose the perfect diamond necklace for the special lady in your life?

We're here to help. Read through this diamond necklace buying guide to learn how to pick the perfect piece of jewelry for your beloved (or yourself!). 

After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend. 


While your first thought when buying a diamond necklace is the diamond itself, don't overlook the importance of choosing the right material for the chain. 

While the diamond is certainly the star of the piece, choosing the right chain material can help ensure that the diamond stands out. 

If you're buying the necklace for someone special, try to recall the style of jewelry she typically wears. Does she gravitate towards gold or prefer the look of white gold?

Most diamond necklaces come with the following chain options:

  • 14k gold or white gold
  • 18k gold or white gold
  • Platinum

If you're buying it for yourself, think about how the different materials complement your skin tone and which type of metal you're most drawn to. 

There's no wrong answer; it's all about personal preference. Once you've decided on the material for the chain, you can start narrowing down your necklace options. 

Quality of Diamond

No two diamonds are created equally. As a result, some diamonds are of higher quality than others. But, how do you determine the quality of a diamond if you're not an expert?

The Gemological Institue of America developed the 4Cs method of classifying diamonds, so there's a standard all diamonds are measured against. 

The 4Cs measure:

  • Carat weight
  • Color grade
  • Clarity grade
  • Cut grade

Because all diamonds are evaluated on the same scale, you can have a good idea of the quality of diamond you buy, just by looking at its 4Cs rating. 

The higher the carat, the more colorless the diamond, the fewer flaws in the stone, and the more it interacts with light, the more expensive the diamond. 

Before you buy a diamond necklace, look closely at the 4Cs to evaluate the stone and make sure you're getting a good value. 

Shape of Diamond

One of the most appealing aspects of diamond jewelry is that diamonds can be cut into many different shapes. This variety ensures that there's a diamond necklace to fit every style. 

Some of the most popular diamond shapes include:

  • Round
  • Teardrop
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Cushion

Each shape gives a diamond necklace a unique look, and many women have a particular diamond shape they prefer for their jewelry. 

If you're buying a diamond necklace as a gift for someone special, try to get a sense of the shape she prefers. 


Next, consider how long the necklace should be. The length of the chain is just another detail you'll need to consider when shopping for a diamond necklace. 

Depending on the style of the necklace, the chain may measure as long as 36 inches. However, the most popular lengths for diamond necklaces are between 16 and 20 inches. 

While there's no wrong way to wear a diamond necklace, often shorter ones are worn at formal events, while longer ones are seen as a more casual style. 

Single or Multi-Stone

Are you looking for a simple diamond necklace with only one stone? Or, does the idea of a few surrounding diamonds appeal to you?

This classic center stone pendant is surrounded by small diamonds for an extra pop you will love. 

Or, if you're buying a diamond necklace to celebrate a longtime love, consider a three-stone option. The first stone represents your past, the middle one your present, and the third one symbolizes your future. 

Diamond necklaces are a beautiful fashion statement, but they can also be a thoughtful, sentimental piece. 


A simple diamond on a chain is a classic look that never goes out of style. However, it's becoming more and more popular for diamond necklaces to include beautiful additions, like other gemstones. 

For example, you might consider an emerald pendant surrounded by diamonds for a head-turning look that is perfect for just about any occasion. 

Or, maybe you're looking for something with a little more edge?

This diamond pendant takes a walk on a wild side by featuring a black rhodium tiger to add a little something extra to your favorite outfit. 

Think outside of the box when you're looking for the perfect diamond necklace. You might be surprised at what you find.


Of course, when buying any piece of fine jewelry, price should be a consideration. Think about a budget you have before you start shopping. Then, as you begin to find pieces you love, make note of their average costs. 

All of the factors we've talked about above will influence the final cost of the necklace.

However, here at Mylo Designs, there truly is a diamond necklace for every budget. This is because we want everyone to experience the joy of putting on the perfect diamond necklace. 


Finally, don't forget to let your personality shine through when you're shopping for a necklace. 

If that special someone in your life loves the color purple, an amethyst and diamond necklace will likely be more special to her than a generic diamond pendant. 

Try to find a piece of jewelry that instantly makes you think of the person you're buying it for. That's usually a good sign that it's the right choice. 

Find the Perfect Diamond Necklace Today

Now that you know what to consider when shopping for a diamond necklace, it's time for the fun part to begin. 

Shop our complete diamond necklace collection using the tips you learned today and you'll find the perfect piece of jewelry in no time at all.