July 01, 2020 4 min read

How to Find out Her Ring Size: 5 Discrete Ways

Planning a surprise gift of a ring can get tricky if you don't know her ring size. If you're wondering how to find out her ring size, here are 5 discrete ways.

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You've been putting in a lot of thought and effort into creating the best proposal experience possible. You want something that'll be unique and stunning to sweep her off her feet, but before you can amaze her with your brilliant proposal idea, you first need the ring. 

The ring you purchase will need to be just as amazing on its own as the proposal is. This is one of the most important events you'll ever plan on your own, and you want everything to be perfect. Imagine finding the perfect ring and having it fit perfectly on her finger. 

It's time to learn how to find out her ring size without ruining the surprise. She's a smart woman and not many things get past her, but we're here to help. Below is our guide on how to learn her ring size and still surprise her with your proposal. 

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1. Snag Another Ring of Hers

It's time to get sneaky but in a good way. If your girlfriend wears rings on a regular basis, then you should have no problem finding one that you can snag for a day or even a few hours. Even if you don't notice her wearing rings a lot, be a bit sneaky and search her jewelry box. 

You might find one or two in there that she doesn't wear often. If you're able to get your hands on one of her rings, then you can take it down to any local jewelry shop and have them tell you the size. The place you bring it to doesn't have to be the place where you get her ring from.

Most jewelry stores will be able to tell you the size of any ring you bring them. Do this as quickly as possible so you can return it back to her before she notices you borrowed it. Once you know the size, you can then spend more time focusing on her engagement ring. 

2. Make Some Secret Phone Calls

There are a few secret phone calls you can make as well. Go ahead and make them. These secret phone calls are all about creating the perfect surprise for your girlfriend. 

Call or even text her friends, siblings, or parents to see what information you can get out of them. You might be surprised by how much they know about her ring size. Parents might have bought her a ring in the past and will be able to tell you what her ring size was when they got her one. 

When asking, be sure to let them know that it's a surprise, so they can't tell her or anyone else that you're asking. They should be understanding.

3. Measure in Secrecy 

A great way to know the exact size of her ring is to measure it yourself. You can take secret measurements of her ring finger when she's sleeping. You can use a ring sizer if you purchase one, or you can simply use a piece of yarn or string.

Take the string and wrap it around her finger, just make sure it's the right one! Then, take the string to a jeweler and have them tell you what size ring it's equivalent to. 

4. Recruit an Accomplice 

If you're not able to get an accurate measurement using a string or measure while she sleeps, you can always recruit an accomplice. Have a girlfriend of hers take her shopping for rings for the friend. Let the friend in on it, and tell her to act as though she's out shopping for a new ring for herself.

While shopping for herself, have the friend find a way to get your girlfriend to try on a few rings herself without making it noticeable. They can compare ring sizes with one another and then the friend can report back to you with this information.

5. Ask Her Without Asking Her

There are also ways to ask your girlfriend herself if she knows what her own ring size is. If you're going to ask her yourself, then you'll need to plan ahead for this. One wrong move and you could end up blowing your entire cover. 

To ask her without actually asking her, make it about something other than her. Say you want to know her ring size to gather an idea of what to expect when buying for your mother or sister with familiar hands. You can act as though you want to buy a ring for your mother to surprise her with so you need to compare your girlfriend's finger to your mom's to get a good idea of your mom's ring size.

This can work well as long as you play your cards right. Take your time figuring out exactly what you're going to say before you say it, and make sure to keep a poker face the entire time!

Know How to Find Out Her Ring Size Like a Pro!

Planning the perfect proposal takes a lot of hard work, but your girlfriend is worth it. After all your tedious planning, you want to have the perfect ring to match the perfect proposal, and this means having the right size.

The last thing you want is for her to have to give her brand new engagement ring up for a few days for it to get resized. Use these tips listed above to learn how to find out her ring size without her ever knowing!

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